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Term Pollution

The introduction of substances (gases, particles, organic compounds) or forms of energy (acoustic, electromagnetic, light, thermal) into the environment in quantities exceeding normal levels in nature, so that they are or may be harmful to health, safety or the welfare of the population, harmful to animal or plant life or prevent the use and enjoyment of property and places of recreation.

In practical terms, the level of contamination is measured frequently according to the limits established in official regulations and standards.

Pollution can be classified as biological, chemical or physical, depending on the type of pollutant. It can also be classified according to the affected environment, for example, air, water or soil.

Law 64-00 includes general measures on the pollution of waters (articles 86-89),  soils (articles 90-91) and the atmosphere (articles 92-96), and issues regulations and quality parameters (articles 79-81) to define contamination.

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