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Term Climate

Set of average values of atmospheric conditions that characterize a region. These average values are obtained through the collection of weather information during an extended period of time. Depending on whether it relates to the world, an area or region, or a particular locality, it is referred to as global, zonal, regional, local climate or microclimate, respectively.

Climate is a complex system, its behavior is very difficult to predict. On one hand, there are long-term trends usually due to systematic variations such as increased solar radiation or orbital variations. On the other hand, there are chaotic fluctuations due to interaction between moderating forces of various kinds.

The predominant climate type in the Dominican Republic is that of humid tropical savanna, lacking rainfall only in the winter months (February and March), which constitutes a well- defined dry season. Outside this period, it rains regularly during the rest of the year, and most heavily during the months of May, August, September and October. This is the typical climate in Santo Domingo (both the National District and the Santo Domingo province).

However, due to the system of trade winds and mountainous regions, there are variations ranging from dry climate with sparse vegetation to rainforests.


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