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Term Tropical cyclone

Storm system characterized by a low pressure center with an organized movement of warm air that covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometers and develops primarily on tropical ocean space. Depending on the magnitude of sustained surface winds and their location, they are classified as a tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane. The scale used to rank hurricanes according to their wind speed (from 1-5) was developed by Herbert Saffir and Bob Simpson in 1969.

Tropical cyclones are one of the most common natural disasters affecting the Dominican Republic. The most intense have been1:

• Hurricane San Zenon: September 3, 1930 (category 2)
• Hurricane Agnes: September 29, 1966 (category 5)
• Hurricane David: August 31, 1979 (category 5)

1ACQ Asociados. Huracanes de la República Dominicana [en línea] (Consulta: 22 feb. 2011).


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