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Term Certified emission reductions (CERs)

It is a unit of greenhouse gas emission reduction which has been generated and certified under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). It represents one ton of carbon dioxide that is not released into the atmosphere

Dominican Law 57-07 for the Incentive for Renewable Energy establishes that the State should promote renewable energy sources, as they represent an avenue for economic development in the country.1

Currently, there are two CDM projects registered in the national portfolio, a wind energy project and a project to capture methane from landfills. The total estimated CER for both projects is approximately 465.876 CO2 tons per year.2

CERs or carbon bonds help raise capital for the execution of national development projects in an environmentally sound manner. CER buyers are countries whose carbon emissions are very high, and therefore need to meet their commitments to minimize emissions in a direct or indirect way.

The CDM is an instrument to promote the development of renewable energy, which has yet to be fully tapped by local companies.

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