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Term Sustainable catch

The maximum admissible rational capture of fish or other marine organisms that can be extracted or harvested from a given population year after year without affecting said population, and assuming that environmental conditions remain unchanged.

The sustainable harvesting of marine organisms is encouraged in the Dominican Republic through the establishment of closed fishing seasons, among other methods. The closed fishing dates established for each organism are: lobster (April 1 to July 31), conch (July 1 to October 31), crab (December 1 to April 30) and blue crab (June 1 to September 30). 1

Some of the laws and resolutions that protect species of economic importance in the market are the Fisheries Act 5914-62; Resolution 01-03, which specifies hunting fees; Resolution 07-03, which regulates the capture of river crab; Resolutions 13-04 and 05-2006 on hunting. These laws are of vital importance for the conservation of marine resources within marine protected areas, and especially outside them, where the degradation of marine resources is usually higher.1

1Ministerio de de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales. Subsecretaría. Vedas y Regulaciones [online]. (Accessed: Feb. 22,  2011).



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