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Term Carbon capture

The extraction and storage of atmospheric carbon in biomass form in oceans, forests, or ground. It is also known as carbon sequestration and carbon fixation. It is considered one of the most important environmental services, as it helps maintain global temperatures and chemical composition of seawater and coastal areas.

With proper management of forest systems, the Earth’s absorption capacity can increase. Carbon capture is part of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) driven by the Kyoto Protocol.  

Some tree-planting and clean energy production projects for carbon sequestration are in the process of approval. Currently, one project has already been approved, the Guanillo wind farm in Monte Cristi, from which approximately 64.60 megawatts of electricity will be obtained. This would reduce approximately 115.879 tons of carbon dioxide a year and would also help generate funds through Reduced Emissions Certificates (RECs) .1

1Consejo Nacional para el Cambio Climático y el Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio. Portfolio Nacional de Proyecto de MDL: Parque Eólico el Guanillo [en línea]. (Consulta: 22 de feb. 2011)


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