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Term Quality of life

The extent to which members of a human society satisfy their material and spiritual needs. Its rating is based on basic indicators of satisfaction (welfare, happiness) and value judgments.

The 2010 UNDP Human Development Report provides figures that reflect the quality of life in the Dominican Republic: life expectancy at birth (78.2 years); average years of education (6.9); gross national income per capita (9.0); inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (0.499); multidimensional poverty index (0.048); gender inequality index (0.646); adjusted net savings (% of GNI, -0.3).1

It is important to highlight from the above figures the negative value of adjusted net savings, defined as the rate of savings in an economy as a percentage of the gross national income (GNI), taking into account investments, human capital, natural resource extenuation and environmental impact. The negative value of the adjusted net savings indicates that total wealth is declining and unsustainable economic development is increasing.1

1 PNUD (Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo). Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano 2010; La verdadera riqueza de las naciones: Caminos al desarrollo humano; PNUD: New York, NY, 2010.

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