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Term Botany

Science that deals with the study of plants (their taxonomy, anatomy, evolution, ecology, etc.). It also includes the study of fungi which do not belong to the plant kingdom. There is pure botany, designed to expand knowledge of nature, and applied botany, whose research is used in agricultural technology, forestry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

In the Dominican Republic, Botany is the branch of Biology in which the most input and research has been achieved. This is due in part to the high diversity of flowers on the island, which has been of great interest to national and international biologists.

Rafael María Moscoso Puello is considered the first scientist to study the plants of the Dominican Republic and he has stood out thanks to his work and publications, among which we can mention the Catálogo Floral Dominicano (Dominican Floral Catalog), published in Latin in 1943 and Familias vegetales representadas en la flora de Santo Domingo, in 1897.1

The National Botanical Garden currently conducts most of the research and publications in the area of ??Botany. The annual journal Moscosoa and a biannual newsletter are the flagship publications of this institution.

The herbarium of the National Botanical Gardens, founded by Henri Alain Liogier in 1972, has more than 125,000 specimens of plants and maintains an exchange of scientific information with international herbariums.1

1. Jardín Botánico Nacional de Santo Domingo. (Consulta 11 feb. 2011).

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