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Laws and Agreements


General Law on Environment and Natural Resources

Law 64-00, which was passed on August 18, 2000, is a law of a general nature, which establishes basic principles and rules for the protection of the environment and natural resources. In article 17, the General Law on Environment and Natural Resources establishes the State Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, as the governing body of environmental policies and natural resources.

By means of this law, many institutions which had previously been components of other state secretariats or which had previously operated independently, became part of the structure of the State Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, such as the National Directorate of Parks, the General Directorate of Forestry, and the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, among others.

  • Ley 64-00 General Law on Environment and Natural Resources

International Environmental Agreements

Environmental Regulations

Number Title
 AG-CC01 - Regulation on Water Quality and Waste Discharge
AR-CA01 - Regulation on Air Quality
AR-FF-01 - Regulation on Fixed Source Atmospheric Pollutants
AR-FM01 - Regulation on Vehicle Emission Control
DE-RA01 - Regulation on Radioactive Waste Management
RE-DM01- Regulation on Domestic and Municipal Environmental Solid Waste Management
RU-CA01 - Standards on Protection Against Noise Contamination
RU-FF-01 - Reference for Measuring Noise Originating from Fixed Sources
RU-FM01 - Reference for Vehicle Noise Emission Control

Forestry Regulations

Number Title
REG-1044-34 - Regulations for Forest Rangers
REG-1315-71 -    Enforcement to date of Law No. 123 of May 1971 on extraction, removal and dredging of Earth crust
REG-1506-42 -    Mangrove Bark Extraction
REG-1558-65 For the enforcement of Law No. 6, dated September 8, 1965, which established the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos)
REG-22-86 - Enforcement of Law No. 290 of 1985, on Incentives for Forestry Development.
REG-2889-77 -   Enforcement of Law No. 487 of October 15, 1969 on Underground Water Conservation and Exploitation Control
 REG-4195-69 - On the Cultural Heritage Bureau (Oficina de Patrimonio Cultural).
REG-9599-82 - On the enforcement of Law No. 409, dated January 15, 1982, for Agro-industrial Promotion, Incentive and Protection.

Environmental Rights

Number Title
DEC15786 - Declares "Parque Nacional Jaragua" as an area of public use and social interest for the purpose of conservation of natural ecosystems and historic sites, as well as for the promotion of research, education and recreation.
DEC-10067 - Declares a Breeding Zone within the Romana Province comprehending the entire Catuán passage, to Punta Aljibe and from there to Saona Island, including Catalinita bay.
DEC-10067 - Prohibits hunting pigeons and other migrating birds on the coasts of the provinces of La Altagracia, La Romana and El Seibo, including Saona island and other small islands in this region.
DEC-10286 - Declares a portion of the Caribbean Sea a National Park, under the name of "La Caleta Underwater Park".
DEC-10467 - Modifies the main part of Art. 1º of Decree No. 728, of December 8, 1966.
DEC-10886 - Prohibits extraction and trade of several coral species in all of the country's territorial waters.
DEC-10888 - Regulates the import of live aquatic species.
DEC109086 - Prohibits the trade of certain marine species throughout the entire year.
DEC109186314 - Prohibits the capture and trade of several species of sea turtles.
DEC-1093-86 - Establishes a ban on lobster fishing throughout the entire national territory.
DEC-1096-6319 - Creates a marine mammal sanctuary and names it Banco de la Plata Humpback Whale Sanctuary (Santuario de Ballenas Jorobadas del Banco de la Plata).
DEC-1097-86 - Establishes that the fishing, capture, confinement and trade of aquatic invertebrates will be regulated by the Department of Fishing Resources (Departamento de Recursos Pesqueros) of the State Secretariat of Agriculture (Secretaría de Estado de Agricultura).
DEC-1142-66 - Approves the Ministry of Agriculture's Organic By-laws.
DEC-1164-1870 - Decree on Alcázar de Colón and the flat column located on the San Diego slope, which remind us of the sacrifice offered by Christendom to the Divinity of this city.
DEC-1289-67 - Declares the entire Saona Island Region a "Forest Reserve".
DEC-1311-75 - Declares an area of approximately four hundred and thirty square kilometers (430 KM2) in La Altagracia province as Parque Nacional del Este, among other dispositions.
DEC-1315-83 - Establishes the "Jaragua", "Monte Cristi" and "Sierra de Bahoruco" National Parks, as well as the "Laguna de Rincón", "Laguna de Redonda" and "Laguna Limón", "Isabel de Torres" and "Valle Nuevo" Natural Scientific Reserves.
DEC-131-87 - Creates the Dominican Committee for UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme.
DEC-1345-67 - Establishes measures with the purpose of avoiding the extinction of certain marine species (lobster, crab and Hawksbill sea turtle).
DEC-1368-83 - Integrates the delegation that will represent the Dominican Republic during the follow up to the First Session of the Preparatory Commission for the International Seabed Authority and for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
DEC-13-87 - Maintains fiscal mining reserves. Expansion of Pueblo Viejo, Neíta, Sabaneta and La Cuaba.
DEC-138-91 - Declares a closed hunting zone in the territories that encompass Loma del Curro in Barahona and Azua provinces. Also declares the territories that are not within the closed hunting zone as public use terrains.
DEC-1390-71 - Regulates the manufacture, creation, packaging, storing, sale and trading of all forms of zoocides, phytocides, herbicides and similar products.
DEC-1396-67 - Declares the General Directorate of Tourism as the entity responsible for the sponsoring, maintenance and management of "Alcázar de Colón".
DEC-1397-67 - Creates the Cultural Heritage Bureau within the General Directorate of Tourism, among other dispositions.
DEC-1434-76 - Prohibits the sale to the general public of several marine species during the period between May and October of every year.
DEC-1520-71 - Establishes the Fund for Agricultural Development (Fondo para el Desarrollo Agropecuario).
DEC-155-86 - Creates a National Park, with the objective of protecting nature, which will be known as "Sierra de Bahoruco National Park".
DEC-156-86 - Establishes Monte Cristi National Park, comprised of terrestrial, estuarial, swamp, lacustrine and sea areas around Monte Cristi province.
DEC-1580-67 - Modifies Article 3 and adds a paragraph to Article 5 of Decree No. 1345, of May 30, 1967, regarding closed hunting seasons for hawksbill turtles, lobsters and crabs.
DEC-158-86 - Declares the acquisition by the Dominican State of lands located in the Historic Region of La Isabela, Puerto Plata to be of public use and social interest.
DEC-159-86 - Declares the Aceitillar-Cabo Rojo road, formerly the Alcoa Exploration Company road a "Scenic Route", with the objective of promoting recreation, environmental education and nature protection.
DEC-1604-67 - Creates a Commission in charge of managing and supervising the restoration of "La Isabela" ruins.
DEC-1638-67 - Creates a Commission in charge of dictating the measures necessary to regulate the use of underground waters and favoring their conservation.
DEC-1650-67 - Sets the limits of the Colonial City inside the perimeter of Santo Domingo city.
DEC-1680-64 - Integrates the National Nuclear Affair Commission (Comisión Nacional de Asuntos Nucleares), formerly known as the National Atomic Research Commission.
DEC-16-93 - Modifies Article 1 of Decree No. 156-86 of February 26, 1986 on Monte Cristi National Park.
DEC-1728-76 - Regulates the extraction of coral in waters under the Dominican Republic's jurisdiction.
DEC-176-86 - Grants the name Dr. Orlando Cruz Franco, to the Natural Scientific Reserve established by Decree No. 1863 of April 6, 1976.
DEC-1823-84 - Regulates the import of live aquatic species.
DEC-1838-84 - Establishes that the National Meteorological Service (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología) will be named National Meteorological Bureau (Oficina Nacional de Meteorología) going forward and will fall under the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency.
DEC-183-93 - Orders the creation of a green belt that will surround the urban sector of Santo Domingo de Guzmán city.
DEC-1842-64 - Names several Consulting Members to integrate the National Nuclear Affairs Commission (Comisión Nacional de Asuntos Nucleares).
DEC-1863-76 - Declares a portion of lands in the town of Guayubín a Natural Scientific Reserve.
DEC-1867-76 - Prohibits the capture of crab within the jurisdictional limits of the Barahona and Monte Cristi provinces.
DEC-1944-84 - Integrates once again the Commission in charge of managing and supervising the restoration of "La Isabela" ruins.
DEC-2140-80 - Regulates hunting of wild species in the country.
DEC-217-91 - Prohibits the import, creation, formulation, trade and use of several agrochemical products, as it has been proven that they are highly hazardous for human health and the environment.
DEC-2310-76 - Creates the Cultural Goods Inventory Center (Centro de Inventario de Bienes Culturales)
DEC-233-84 - Approves the ratification of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of November 16, 1972, by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
DEC-2511 - Creates and integrates the National Public Water Commission (Comisión Nacional de Aguas Públicas).
DEC-2515-72 - Permanently prohibits the capture, fishing, imprisonment, slaughter and trade of female crabs.
DEC-2608-85 - Modifies Decree No. 900 dated March 19, 1983.
DEC-2639-85 - Modifies decree 421-82
DEC-2675-81 - Integrates the Commission In Charge of Marine Flora and Fauna Conservation.
DEC-2714-72 - Repeals dec-2163-72
DEC-2818-77 - Establishes a closed hunting season throughout 1977.
DEC-301-87 - Creates the Monte Cristi Province Commission for Historical, Cultural, Archeological and Natural Heritage Protection and Rescue (Comisión de Protección y Rescate del Patrimonio Histórico, Cultural, Arqueológico y Natural).
DEC-310-87 - Creates and integrates a Commission Responsible for the Underwater Archeological Rescue Program (Comisión Encargada del Programa de Rescate Arqueológico Submarino), which answers directly to the Executive Branch.
DEC-311-87 - Organic and Functional Regulation for the Casas Reales Museum (Museo de las Casas Reales).
DEC-31-87 - Declares the Palmchat to be Dominican Republic's national bird.
DEC-3398-73 - Repeals dec-2713-72
DEC-3399-73 - Prohibits fishing of Tilapia in Laguna Redonda, in Miches throughout December 31 of the year in course.
DEC-3545-73 - Declares March 21 of each year as "World Forest Day".
DEC-413-91 - Creates and integrates the National Radiological Protection Council (Consejo Nacional de Protección Radiológica) under the State Secretariat of Public Health and Social Welfare and the National Commission of Nuclear Affairs.
DEC-414-91 - Places the Commission for Nuclear Affairs under the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency and modifies decrees 1680 and 1842 dated October 31 and December 11, 1964, respectively.
DEC-417-89 - Declares several zones in the town of Constanza as the Ébano Verde (Magnolia pallescens) Scientific Reserve.
DEC-421-82 - Agro-industrial Directory
DEC-4612-74 - Modification of decree 2596-72
DEC-616-96 - Modification of decree 417-89
DEC-631-71 - Prohibits lobster capture for two years in several areas of the country.
DEC-660-71 - Extends the dispositions contained in Decree No. 631 throughout the entire southern coast of the country, to Cabo Engaño.
DEC-753-83 - Declares 1983 as the "Year for National Reforestation".
DEC-81-23 - Prohibits all operations of annihilation, destruction or logging of trees on both sides of the road.
DEC-81-93 - Expands the territorial extension of Los Haitises National Park.
DEC-861-79 - Establishes closed hunting seasons for the year of 1979.
DEC-999-83 - Establishes closed hunting seasons for the year of 1983.

Environmental Resolutions

Number Title
RES104-67 - Declares an active and permanent reforestation campaign to be of high interest.
RES108-74 - On Civil Responsibility over Damages Caused by Sea Water Contamination from Hydrocarbon, and its annex.
RES-184-71 - Prohibition to Build Nuclear Weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction.
RES-419-76 - Approves Resolution A -1 75 (VI), passed on October 2, 1969, by the Sixth Assembly of the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO).
RES-699-77 - Approves adhesion to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (1972), and its annexes.

Environmental Laws

Number Title
LAW-1052-28 - Determines the closed hunting season on Río Yaque del Norte
LAW-112-87 - Establishes mandatory Forest Service.
LAW-114-75 - Establishes the National Zoo Park, as a center dedicated to the promotion of education, research and culture, regarding biological sciences in general, as well as the preservation of national fauna.
LAW-1216-29 - On firearms
LAW-123-71 - Prohibits the extraction of components from the Earth crust, such as sand, gravel, and rock.
LAW-126-80 - Repeals and substitutes Law No. 134 of May 21, 1971 regarding Dominium over Terrestrial Waters and Distribution of Public Waters.
LAW-1268-46 - Penalizes mistreatment of animals.
LAW-1274-46 - On the Destruction and Repopulation of Cocoa Plantations.
LAW-133-67 - Modification of Law 6186-63
LAW-1341-37 - Creates a Consulting Commission for the National Museum.
LAW-134-71 - Repeals and substitutes Article 70, of Law Nº 5852, on Dominium over Terrestrial Water and Distribution of Public Waters, dated March 29, 1962.
LAW-13-63 - Creates the National Directorate for Price Control
LAW-1400-47 - Creates the Institute for Anthropological Research
LAW-1410-47 - Declares a portion of land in “El Puerto”, Jarabacoa, of public use as a National Park, and prohibits tree logging in these areas.
LAW-146-71 - Dominium over mineral substances.
LAW-1542-47 - Land registration
LAW-1609-47 - Modification of law 85-31
LAW-178-71 - Modification of 206-67
LAW-184-80 - Reduces by 50% taxes imposed by Laws 3003 of July 12, 1951, on Port and Coastal Police, and No. 460 of July 12, 1969.
LAW-1852-48 - Exploration and Exploitation of Mines, Quarries and Bogs.
LAW-186-67 - About territorial sea zones
LAW-1976-49 - Modifies article 2 of the Law on Conservation of Forests and Fruit Trees.
LAW-199-67 - Modification of Law 6186-63
LAW-211-67 - Establishes a tax on imported wood
LAW-218-84 - Prohibits the introduction to the country, by any route, of human or animal feces, residential o municipal garbage and derivatives, sewage mud, treated or untreated, as well as toxic waste from industrial processes.
LAW-221-67 - Modifies Art. 2 (Transitory) of Law No. 436 of October 10, 1964, which in turn modifies Art. 70 of Law No. 5852 on Dominium over Terrestrial Waters and Public Water Distribution.
LAW-225-67 - Modification of law 6186-63
LAW-2670-50 - Modification of law 1852-48
LAW-281-66 - Modifies law 5852-62 and repeals law 238-66
LAW-291-85 - Modifies laws Nos. 211 and 705 of 1967 and 1982 respectively.
LAW-3003-51 - Port and Coastal Police
LAW-3005-51 - Establishes taxes on wood production and export.
LAW-3066-51 - Introduces modifications to certain articles of the Law on wood import and export tax
LAW-3107-51 - Creates a Reserve under the name “Armando Bermúdez” National Park.
LAW-311-67 - Regulates the manufacture, creation, packaging, storage, sale, import and trade of all forms of insecticides, zoocides, phytocides, pesticides, herbicides and similar products.
LAW-318-68 - Cultural heritage
LAW-318-72 - Dominican man museum
LAW-3316-51 - Establishes taxes on timber production and export.
LAW-362-81 - Repeals law 92-63
LAW-3675-53 - Modification of law 3003-51
LAW-367-72 - Modifies law 6186-63
LAW-380-81 - On lubricant oils
LAW-3841-54 - Establishes protection measures for the Bao river basin including its tributaries.
LAW-3966-54 - Modifies law 3005-51
LAW-4038-55 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-414-64 - Modifies law 5852-62
LAW-4281-55 - Modifies once again article 22 of Law 3003 on Port and Coastal Police.
LAW-4313-55 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-431-72 - Modification of health code
LAW-4371-56 - Declares forest repopulation to be of national interest throughout the entire country.
LAW-4389-51 - Creates a Forest Reserve with scientific and natural protection purposes called “Armando Bermúdez” National Park.
LAW-4471-51 - Health code
LAW-4495-56 - Adds paragraphs 1 and II to article 9 bis which was added by Law No. 1746 of June 21, 1948 to Law No. 1688 of April 16, 1948, on Conservation of Forests and Fruit Trees.
LAW-454-73 - Modification of Law 6186-63
LAW-460-69 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-4613-57 - Modifies the health code
LAW-4739-57 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-4745-57 - Modifies article 91 and broadens the scope of article 218 of the Public Health Code and creates a Special Fund.
LAW-4760-57 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-4796-58 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-481-69 - Modifies law 206-67
LAW-4835-58 - Adds an appendix to article 13 of the law on tax on gains.
LAW-4890-58 - Modifies law 4371-56
LAW-4974-58 - Modifies law 4371-56
LAW-4989-58 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-4991-58 - Declares certain territories between the basins of the Haina and Duey rivers to be closed hunting zones.
LAW-499-69 - Modifies law 6186-63
LAW-501-73 - Modifies law 5852-62
LAW-5021-58 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5162-59 - Modifies health code
LAW-5173-59 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5207-13 - Creates the national museum
LAW-5381-60 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5482-61 - Modifies law 3005-51
LAW-5506-61 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5579-61 - Declares a closed hunting zone in the territories comprised of the hill known as “Alto de la Bandera” in Constanza, La Vega province.
LAW-5618-61 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5631-61 - Modifies law 3005-61
LAW-565-70 - Modifies law 5914-62
LAW-5697-61 - Declares the Diego de Ocampo mountain as a closed hunting zone
LAW-573-77 - Modifies law 186-67
LAW-5899-62 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-5914-62 - On fishing. Repeals and replaces Law No. 1518 of June 18, 1938 on fishing, with its amendments.
LAW-591-70 - Adds a Paragraph III (Transitory) to Art. 12 of Law No. 6 which creates the Institute
LAW-5934-62 - Repeals Law No. 5180 of July 27, 1959 which had created the Directorate for Control of Narcotic Drugs and reestablishes articles 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133 and 134 (Chapter II) of the Public Health Code.
LAW-597-70 - Modifies law 3003-51
LAW-6186-63 - Agricultural promotion
LAW-635-65 - Modifies law 5914-62
LAW-659-65 - Modifies law 6186-63
LAW-921-78 - Modifies Article 9 and adds a paragraph to Article 10, of Law No. 456, of October 28, 1976.
LAW-95-71 - Declares part of the city of Puerto Plata as a “National Park”
LAW 174-09 Law No. 174-09 fro June 3, 2009, which introduces changes to the Vehicle Transit Law, No. 241 from 1967, and its modifications; No. 1474 from 1938, on Roads and Highways and modification to Law No. 202-04, Sectorial Law for Protected Areas. Published in the G. O. No. 10523, from June 9, 2009.
LAW 179-3
LAW 200-04 General Law for the Free Access of Public Information, No. 200-04.
LAW 202-04 Sectorial Law for Protected Areas, NO. 202-04.
LAW 227
LAW 244
LAW 295
LAW 290
LAW 409
LAW 436
LAW 456