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Mountain Range

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Mountain Ranges of the Dominican Republic



Main rivers and basins

Cordillera Central

Center of the island in NW-SE direction. It has a length of 200 km and a maximum width of 100 km. It continues into Haiti under the name Macizo del Norte.

Yaque del Norte river basin, Yaque del Sur river basin, Yuna river basin, Artibonito river basin. In addition, the Nizao, Ocoa, Haina, and Jimenoa rivers originate there, among others

Cordillera Septentrional

North of the country in NW-SE direction. It covers 180 km from Montecristi to the Gran Estero and the outer regions of Nagua.

Bajabonico, Camú of Puerto Plata, Básica, Bob, Joba, and San Juan rivers, among others.

Cordillera Oriental

Located in the east of the country, it runs from west to east with a length of 80 km.

Iguamo, Soco, Yabón, Nisibón, Chavón, Yuma, and Cumayasa rivers, among others.