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Forest classification according to the characteristics of ecosystems and species

Halophytic vegetation

- Rocky shore vegetation
- Sandy shore vegetation
- Dune vegetation
- Mangroves
- Brackish plains vegetation

Dry forests

Natural dry forest
Disturbed dry forest

Semi-deciduous forests

Coastal plain forest
Coastal rock forest
Costal swamp forest 
Swietenia-Coccoloba (sea grape) forest

Evergreen broadleaf forests

Ombrophilous or rain forests
Cloudy broadleaf forests

Pine forest

Mid-elevation pine forests
Upper Cordillera Central (Central Mountain Range) pine forests
High mountain savannahs

Freshwater wetlands vegetation

Aquatic vegetation
Riparian forests

Another forest classification system used has been that which classifies forests according to the predominant vegetation.3 Under that system, forests in the Dominican Republic are grouped as follows:

Source: Hager, J.; Zanoni, T.A. "La Vegetaci├│n Natural de la Rep├║blica Dominicana". Moscosoa. 1993, 7, 39-81.